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"The STEM Road" podcast offers a unique insight into the journey of aspiring professionals and industry leaders within the Greater Yuma Region's STEM fields. Each episode delves into a featured industry expert's personal and professional experience alongside a student currently navigating their path in the same field. Join us as we explore the diverse pathways to success in post-secondary education and career advancement, aiming to elevate our community.

The podcast is hosted by Jerry Cabrera, Elevate Southwest President/CEO.

Listen to all the episodes below!

Season 01 - Episode 01

Episode 01: The STEM Road to Civil Engineering. Special guests: Douglas Nicholls, Yuma Mayor, Elevate Southwest Chairman, and Core Engineering owner; Isaac Rodriguez, Civil Engineering student at Arizona Western College.

Season 01 - Episode 02

Episode 02: The STEM Road to Agriculture in Yuma County, Arizona. Special guests: Matt McGuire, JV Smith Companies; and Jazmin Morales, Moore Ag Logistics.

Season 01 - Episode 03

Episode 03: The STEM Road to Mechanical Engineering. Special guests: Christian Mendez, NAU Student; Dr. Jesus Mora, NAU Professor; and Bret Raymis, PWRJoule President/CEO.

Season 01 - Episode 04

Episode 04: Environmental Engineering & AZDA. Special guests: Ginna Saravia, Arizona Department of Agriculture Inspector; Valerie Guzman, San Luis High School Graduate; and Melina Conroy, Elevate Southwest Program Coordinator.

Season 01 - Episode 05

Episode 05: IT & Cybersecurity in Yuma County, AZ. Special guests: Michael Fierros, GMiT Technology Alignment Manager; Ulysses Villarreal, CIE Learning Student.