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STEM Workforce Advancement

We are excited to announce the launch of the STEM Workforce Advancement initiative in Yuma County. Our mission is to make quality workforce programs accessible. We believe everyone should be able to gain the skills and education needed for successful careers in high-demand fields without leaving Yuma County.

Through this initiative, we are committed to partnering with community colleges, universities, employers, and government agencies to create affordable pathways to workforce success. We aim to empower individuals to pursue their career aspirations in Yuma County. We can build a skilled and inclusive workforce that drives economic growth and prosperity. Join us to make quality workforce education a reality for all.

In addition to STEM workforce education, we are leading the effort in:

·       Comprehensive Strategic Plan

·       Enriching Education

·       Elevating STEM Education

·       Entrepreneurial Empowerment

·       Build an Innovation Hub