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Who we are

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Elevate Southwest is a collaborative organization, bridging higher education, industry, and prospective talent to provide the means to achieve the skilled careers of today and the future.

A community with advanced education that matches the needs of regional employers achieves increased wage potential, lower unemployment and underemployment, increased sustainability and a thriving population.

Expanding access and opportunities for our students, businesses, and community




Elevate Southwest's purpose: to inspire and support increased higher education attainment, within and across sectors, to make the Greater Yuma region better for everyone.  Elevate Southwest is about the place — a region of four states, Baja Norte, Imperial County, Sonora, and Yuma County as well as two Native nations. Our region’s future will be defined by how well every person in it does — at home, in school, at work, and in the community. This region’s future, therefore, depends on higher education institutions and systems that work well for all people.

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