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The Elevate Southwest Innovation Hub is a vibrant ecosystem, uniting colleges, universities, primary employers, community organizations, and key stakeholders in a robust network. With stalwart partners, pioneering thinkers, and creators joining hands with the most advanced minds in the field, collectively forging a future where innovation is the heart that propels our region into unparalleled growth. The ESW Innovation Hub stands as a testament to what collaboration, education, and entrepreneurship can achieve, reshaping the trajectory of our community and ensuring a legacy of prosperity for generations to come.

       The Big Idea

  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for higher education, drawing insights from educators, industry leaders, government entities, and the public.
  • Enrich industry-specific Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings, internships, mentorships, and certificate programs.
  • Elevate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education across all levels, focusing on college-level programs.
  • Propel the Greater Yuma Region into a center of excellence for high-tech and sustainable agriculture, nurturing innovation and growth.
  • Establish an integrated, region-wide entrepreneurship and incubator program, empowering visionary entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.
  • Shape and operationalize the Innovation District and Hub, creating an environment where ideas flourish into transformative products and services.