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Yuma County is taking an exciting new approach to higher education! We are working on expanding access and opportunities for our students, businesses, and community. By collaborating with higher education providers, including local high schools, we can create innovative programs and initiatives that meet the needs of our region.

We aim to retain the best and brightest students in our regional economy by providing them with the educational choices and training they need to succeed. We are committed to improving collaboration and cooperation among higher education providers, leading to more effective and efficient use of resources.

To meet the workforce needs of existing and future employers, we are working to create programs that align with the requirements of local businesses. This program includes creating apprenticeships, internships, and other work-based learning opportunities that give students practical experience in their field of study.

Finally, we are striving to catalyze an innovation economy in Yuma County. By creating an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship and innovation, we can attract new businesses and create new opportunities for our community.

Expanding higher education offerings at all levels can create a brighter future for Yuma County. With your support, we can work together to build a strong and vibrant community that meets the needs of all its members.